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Popular Questions

How does the purchase process work?

Where is your site?
Our site is everywhere the Internet is available. Joury Online is an online marketplace in Palestine and the United States of America, in which hundreds of merchants and stores offer their products to be displayed to all countries of the world. Joury Online works as a mediator between merchants and the customer to make room for Ibn Palestine while he is in his house to buy from a store located in the United States of America and vice versa, and to deliver his request to his door in a very fast time. The headquarters of the company is located in Louisiana, in the United States of America.
How can I buy (order)?
1- Use the search field to enter the desired product page (put the product number or product name) and press Enter 2- In the search results, click on the product image to enter its page. 3- After entering the product page, choose the required specifications, for example (size). And click "Buy Here" 4- A box will appear for you with two options: The first is “Continue Shopping” to buy other products. The second is "Complete the order" to go to the order completion page. 5- If you choose "complete the application." You will go to a page to fill in your information such as name, address and phone number. Fill in the required fields and click "Confirm Order". 6- You will receive a short message on your phone confirming the success of your order and containing your order number.
I didn’t know to ask for current. In someone help me?
Yes. There is a staff of customer service staff in Joury Online, who work 24 hours a day, all days of the week. You can communicate with them using the live chat at the bottom of the page or by messaging them on our Facebook page.

Questions about products and switches

Original product or not?
There is a huge variety of products in our online market, including original and non-original ones. You can easily distinguish between the original and the original product from the product name. Any product name in which the brand name is found, the product is original, while the other products are a true copy of the original, but there is a large price difference between them.
I am afraid that the product in the picture is different from the reality. What is the guarantee?
With Joury Online, any product you receive is different from the picture or different from the brand you requested, you can retrieve your money as soon as possible. Check the product and make sure of it before you pay any shekel. With the knowledge that we photograph the products professionally, to be identical to reality, except for the three inspection stages before shipment.
Can I return the request if it appears in a defect?
Of course, my dear. Our motto is you are safe with Joury Online. We, in our role as an intermediary between the merchant and the customer, work on 3 stages of examination (by the merchant, by a dedicated employee, and by the packaging employee) to ensure that the product is delivered in the best condition. Always: -> look -> check -> order (you are always safe with Joury Online)
I could not check the measurement at the time of receipt. Can I change it later?
Yes. You can contact customer service. We charge you the exchange in the next shipment.
What if the measurement is appropriate to change it?
Of course. You can check the size so that the next time you are charged the correct one.

Questions about delivery

How much does the order need to reach me?
Delivery time is from 10 to 21 days. It may reach 30 days in the event of a delay from traders to renew the quantity.
Delivery fee charged for each product?
The West Bank: 20 shekels if the total of all your orders is less than 350 shekels, and delivery is free for orders of 350 shekels and more Jerusalem: 30 shekels
How much does delivery cost?
Free delivery to all countries of the world except in the West Bank. Free delivery for orders of 350 shekels or more. As for orders less than 350 shekels, there are delivery fees according to the region - village or city in the West Bank.

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